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16 dogs will be euthanized, humane society seeks homes



Newport, Arkansas – The Jackson County Humane Society is attempting to prevent the euthanasia of 16 dogs.

There isn’t enough space for the canines at the shelter, according to President Ann Hout.

“We have been full for over a year. We have 70 dogs in a 50-dog kennel, we are not able to take these dogs in from the city pound,” she said.

According to Hout, the dogs were all located within a 10-day period. These are puppies and come in a range of breeds, including pit bulls and lab hybrids.

“There are six dogs, six months to a year old, lab mixes, two are dachshund/beagle mixes, and two are lab pit mixes, but these are younger. The others are young adults,” she said.

According to Hout, many people find it challenging to maintain a pet during this period, which is contributing to the rise in the number of dogs in shelters.

“It’s expensive, timewise and moneywise,” said Hout. “I think that’s what we’re seeing, is that they’re gotten and for the wrong reasons, and they’re not considered part of the family, they’re just disposable.”

According to Hout, fostering those canines can help them be saved. Moreover, she is hopeful that nearby shelters will intervene to save an animal who will be put to sleep on Monday, March 27.

“We don’t want to see animals euthanized,” she said.

She claimed that those fixes are just short-term and that the issue extends outside the boundaries of Newport.

“This is not just Newport. This is region-wide, every shelter that I know of in Northeast Arkansas is full, and it makes things very difficult,” she said.

People in Newport can visit the Jackson County Humane Society’s Facebook page if their pet is missing. There are pictures of the pets displayed.

The Jackson County Humane Society can be reached at (870) 217-3112 if anyone is interested in fostering these canines or knows of a shelter that has space for them.

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