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2011 Arkansas murder victim’s family is searching for justice



Little Rock, Arkansas – After their loved one was killed, a Little Rock family has been searching for answers for 12 years.

The shooting and death of David Tidwell occurred on April 28. The Pulaski County Sheriff’s Office has been attempting to solve this cold case for a while, but there is little available information.

According to PCSO representatives, deputies were dispatched to the Little Rock 3000 block of Slinker Road for a property check. When they got there, they discovered Mr. Tidwell lying in the street, shot to death.

“A time is going to come when it’s going to come to the light,” Tidwell’s niece, Kahliya Harris said.

Harris added that April always makes her feel very upset and depressed. She stated the day her uncle was slain is one she will never forget.

“I remember screaming trying to run past the police trying to get to where he was at,” Harris said of her time at the crime scene.

She was only 13 years old at the time. The party her uncle gave for her on her 13th birthday two weeks before to her death is one of the final recollections she has of her uncle.

Harris is a mother now, and she is confident that her daughter will love her just as much as she did as a child.

She would want to call him and spend every day with him. He took good care of the house and was quite sweet. We all knew to call David whenever someone needed something, and he would make it happen.

Harris and her family are hoping that justice will be done fast. but I need your assistance to make that happen.

“He had a family like y’all got family member that has passed. Y’all would want to know what happened to y’all family member and we want to know what happened to ours.”

Call the Pulaski County Crime Stoppers tip line at 501-340-8477 if you have any information about this case.

Additionally, you can provide a tip online at

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