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52-year-old UAMS patient got ‘Heart Mate’



Little Rock, Arkansas – After being the first UAMS patient to receive a left ventricular assist device, also known as a ‘Heart Mate’, an Arkansas man was given another chance at life.

A 52-year-old, Layman Roseby was discharged Friday after spending 10 weeks in the hospital with heart failure.

The ‘Heart Mate’ is a mechanical pump that allows blood to circulate when the heart is too weak to pump blood.

According to Roseby, when he entered the hospital on February 28, he was in bad shape.

“They brought me around even when I gave up, they wouldn’t let me. I prayed and asked God for angels, here they are,” Roseby said smiling. “This is truly a second chance at life for patients, often with this procedure patients have a great quality of life, and are able to go back to their jobs.”

Roseby has an enlarged heart and previously had two strokes, Doctors said.

Now, he feels wonderful compared to how he felt before the surgery.


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