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A 90 year tradition continues in Pollard



Pollard, Arkansas – Every July, The Pollard Picnic brings in people from all over the region.

Many come together and celebrate while giving back to the community. The picnic is used like a homecoming to those in Pollard and surrounding communities.

“They started this in 1932, and of course, they did not make as much as we do now when they first, they only 100 or 200 bucks a year,” said Steven Baker, picnic director.

All the proceeds go to help with the upkeep of the New Hope cemetery.

According to Baker, who is also the greens keeper there, it would not be possible to upkeep it without this picnic.

“All these good people behind me that are here working are the ones that make this picnic possible,” he said.

According to Baker, there were over 100 volunteers from Pollard and other areas that help make this year’s picnic possible. Baker added that it is about friends and fellowship, with the chance of giving back to the community.


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