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A judge in Jefferson County sues his quorum court



Pine Bluff, Arkansas – Judge Gerald Robinson of Jefferson County and the quorum court continue to have disagreements.

A continuing dispute is currently being decided in the middle of a lawsuit.

No legislation has been passed for months as a result of differences over the procedure. There can be no action taken because they have not reached an agreement on the rules that will ultimately govern how the quorum meetings are conducted.

Until now.

In June, the Jefferson County Quorum Court convened for its regular sitting.

Robinson called a halt to the discussion when there was a difference of opinion on how to proceed.

After that, the live stream was terminated, but according to Justice Lloyd Franklin, the meeting had not.

Franklin said that the quorum court carried on with its business and adopted rules of procedure, enabling them to approve resolutions and ordinances for the first time this year.

Robinson responded by suing, claiming that the quorum court had broken the law in Arkansas.

Franklin stated, “In this instance, I do not think the lawsuit the county judge filed has merit.” “I think it is a complete waste of tax money,”

According to the lawsuit, the rules of procedure were improperly passed and are unconstitutional because the county judge did not provide his approval.

Robinson was not responsive when we reached out to him with inquiries.

Robinson stated his desire for clarity during the quorum court hearing this month.

In the meeting, Robinson stated that “at that particular time, there were no rules in place.” “To clarify that, that is why the lawsuit was filed.”

Franklin claims that the quorum court is looking for legal counsel to represent them in this dispute.

Franklin stated that the quorum court will conduct itself normally until this litigation is decided.

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