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A meteor crosses the sky over Arkansas



Arkansas — It has been an unpredictable winter in Arkansas, with freezing rain, 60-degree weather, and now a flashing meteor to add to the mix.

On Monday night, the blazing meteor was seen by hundreds of Arkansans as it passed through the night sky of the Natural State.

The central region of Arkansas witnessed the brilliant meteor as it was seen soaring through the sky at 7 o’clock on Monday night,

Those who saw the meteor reported that a green sky also appeared as the dazzling ball swiftly disappeared from view.

The incident was reported by a number of witnesses and was caught on camera by security cameras in multiple places throughout central Arkansas, including Conway, Camden, Hot Springs, and the greater Little Rock area.

The meteor produced a visually magnificent display as well as a deafening boom, which was probably caused by its violent entrance into the Earth’s atmosphere.

The mid-South received at least 98 reports of the fireball sighting that night, according to the American Meteor Society website.

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