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A mobile clinic for opioid health opens in Malvern



Little Rock, Arkansas – The goal of Arkansas Mobile Opioid Recovery’s Mobile Health Clinic is to combat the opioid crisis that is ravaging rural areas in the state.

Attorney General Tim Griffin, Program Director Wade Carter, Director of the Mobile Health Unit Dr. Kristin Martin, and Executive Board Member of Arkansas Mobile Opioid Recovery Tucker Martin were in Malvern to speak about the new mobile clinic.

“I know what it looks like whenever somebody doesn’t have access to addiction medicine services or recovery in time. And it looks like me having to call a family, having to call a young wife with a new baby to tell them that her husband and that father won’t be home.” Said Martin.

“It’s me calling a 19-year-old’s parents and telling them there is… was a preventable solution, but we didn’t make it there in time.”

The Attorney General discussed this development in the field of opioid health clinics as well.
“When speaking on how the mobile opioid health clinic will benefit Arkansas for the better in the future,” he said, “It’s not a good use to build or try to build brick and mortar and have a big facility when there’s not that many people there.”

In addition to saving costs, the mobile facility will enable more individuals to receive assistance when they require it.





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