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A motorcycle club in Paragould hosts a demolition derby



Paragould, Arkansas – On Saturday, the Greene County fairgrounds hosted the second annual Carnage for a Cause event, organized by the Smoking Skulls Motorcycle Club.

Drivers from all across the nation can attend and participate in the massive demolition derby known as Carnage for a Cause. Ag for Autism is the beneficiary of the event.

The event was organized by the Smoking Skulls for the first time last year. The sport is becoming more and more popular in Northeast Arkansas, so they made the decision to participate.

It means a lot to Smoking Skulls Motorcycle Club President Bryan Drennen that they are able to organize this event.

“To our club it means so much, we are able to showcase some of our abilities, showcase some of our ideas and put on an event that caters to the public, that caters to the autistic community,” Drennen said.

The motorcycle club takes great pride in its ability to serve as a beacon of hope for the autism community.

“Everybody is affected by autism, everybody. There is not a person out here that’s not affected by that, you may not have it, your kids may not have it, but you know somebody that does,” Drennen said. “It is so commonly misdiagnosed as well, so there’s a lot of people that walk around without it, and there is a lot of people who can’t get the supplies or tools that they need for their children or for themselves and that is what we try to provide.”

The possibilities are endless for Carnage for Cause, who was able to donate $10,000 to the autistic community last year.

After the derby, they will also be giving out a number of awards.


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