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A warm beginning to 2023



Little Rock, Arkansas – Now that the worst of the cold weather has passed, residents of Arkansas are wondering when the temperature will begin to rise back to normal levels.

You won’t have to search very hard, which is excellent news! Not only will temperatures rise to average levels, but they will quickly rise above average levels as well! Temperatures could climb into the 60s as early as this coming Wednesday, according to the most recent set of forecast models.

Temperatures in the sixties are projected to arrive on Wednesday, December 28th, according to both of the forecast models, and both models project that they will continue to be that warm into the first week of 2023.

In contrast to the recent cold snap that we experienced, these warmer temperatures appear to be here to stay for the foreseeable future. The Climate Prediction Center provides forecasts of the expected temperatures for the next eight to fourteen days. These forecasts indicate which areas have a greater chance of experiencing temperatures that are above or below the norm for the given time period. According to their most recent forecast for the next 8 to 14 days, it is anticipated that Arkansas and the eastern half of the county will have temperatures that are higher than average.

Because of this, we will be able to make it through the first full week of 2023. If you had hoped that there would be more snow in the near future, you are going to be very disappointed. However, you should not give up hope because it is still impossible to predict what will happen over the remaining weeks of this winter.

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