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According to a survey, the city of Conway considers the new roundabout area to be the most dangerous intersection



Conway, Arkansas – As of 2022, Conway has had the state’s fastest urban growth.

Upgrading the city’s infrastructure is becoming more and more necessary as the population grows.

According to Bobby Kelly III, a spokesman for the city of Conway, work has begun on a new roundabout at the intersection of College Avenue and Farris Road.

He claimed that ten years ago, this crossroads should have been converted to a roundabout.

According to Kelly, their engineering division has been studying intersections with visible roundabouts since 2018. According to their research, he said that the intersection of Farris Road and College Avenue was the most hazardous.

“Traffic data that we get from Conway Police, when it comes to vehicular accidents, College and Farris of all the ones we’ve studied ranked up at the top,” Kelly said.

According to Kelly, the project will likely cost $1,127,860. Some locals think traffic lights would be less expensive, but this is untrue.

“The expense and the cost of not only just installing them but probably maintaining them,” he said. “They’re not a sit-and-forget kind of deal, the electronics go bad in them all the time.”

According to Kelly, the construction-related intersection is terribly inadequate.

Sandy Smith has spent the last three years residing close to the junction of College Avenue and Farris Road.

“I think it’s good because it keeps the traffic flowing instead of it all piling up, it’ll flow,” Smith said.

Smith claimed that during her time living in this region, she had seen one or two accidents.

“Heavy congestion, especially when work hours are over is when they start,” she said.

According to Kelly, the city is providing compensation to residents whose yards were damaged by the work.

Any Conway citizen interested in learning more about this project or other city plans, he said, should visit their website.

By the year’s end, the new roundabout ought to be finished.

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