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After a significant snowfall, experts advise washing your car



Little Rock, Arkansas – More individuals are pulling into the carwash now that the rain has gone out of the region.

It’s what professionals advise doing following a wintertime drive on a road coated with salt. In the long run, the wash can also save you some money.

“We’re staying relatively busy right now. I think it’s just going to continue to get busier as the week goes along,” said John Aaron Rees, Genesis Auto Wash Owner.

After being closed for several days owing to extremely low temperatures and subsequent rain, Rees stated that it was encouraging to see.

But it’s beneficial for your car as well as for business.

“The salt and all the sand has been thrown out on the streets from the ice the previous week. You want to get that off as soon as possible,” he explained.

It could cause issues if you don’t wash it off.

“The biggest thing is corrosion. And then obviously, you know, it just really affects the hardware under the car,” said Paul O’Hara, Mechanic and Owner at Paulie’s.

He added that those repairs might be expensive.

“We could easily double the labor which we don’t like to do. We don’t want to do it. That’s why we’re telling you to spray it off. Get it off your car,” O’Hara added.

O’Hara also described how rust spreads readily once a small amount occurs.

“We’re worried about suspension components, braking components, drivetrain, all your hardware under there,” he said.

He enjoys having his automobile washed as soon as the snow melts because of this.

“I don’t want rust or corrosion under my car,” he said.

Regarding the car wash company, Rees anticipates an increase in clientele.

“It’s pretty steady. You can feel the winter weather people coming in for about a month period,” he added.

According to Rees, they often see up to three times as many cars entering the car wash following a snowfall.


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