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After an 18-hour standoff, police shot and killed a man from Sherwood



Sherwood, Arkansas – Around a standoff in Sherwood that began early on Monday and ended after three in the morning on Tuesday, police shot and killed a 69-year-old man.

On October 31, at around 9:42 a.m., Eugene Reed was being served with an arrest warrant for impersonating a law enforcement officer, when the standoff started.

According to Arkansas State Police, Reed then made a threat to shoot the cops, which is when the standoff started.

He then went inside with his wife and started negotiating with the cops. They were both advised to give up and go outside.

Police started evacuating other homeowners around the house on Hollyridge Cove as the situation progressed.

Multiple firearms are allegedly “pre-positioned within the home” in second-floor windows, according to the police.

In a second phone call, Reed’s wife informed the police that she was taking cover on the third floor of the house in a safe room.

Reed allegedly pointed a laser gunsight at a SWAT unit from the Arkansas State Police at about midnight. Reed then retaliated with gunshots at the SWAT team members.

For approximately three hours, Reed and the police intermittently traded shots. Then, “as he made his way toward a.50 caliber gun” positioned near his front door, Reed was fatally shot.

The wife received no wounds from the gunshots. Investigators are questioning her, but she is not being detained in connection with the event.

The inquiry into the incident has placed seven state troopers on administrative leave.

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