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After reconstruction following the tornado of December 10, the Trumann church opens its doors



Little Rock, Arkansas – They had their first service in their own building about a year and a half after a tornado destroyed a church in Trumann.

Following the tornado on December 10th, the Eastside Baptist Church was forced to relocate, but they are now happy to be back.

It has taken the church a long time to get there, according to Pastor James Will Harold.

“We preserved because God, he keeps us going,” said Pastor Harold.

When the church welcomed back all the members that remained with them during the process, Pastor Harold showed out the new venue earlier in the week.

Sadly, not everyone stayed, and Pastor Harold talked about how difficult that was.

“It felt rough because there is a longing to be back home but then there is an understanding, we are thankful we had a place that we could worship,” Pastor Harold said.

Others, like Joe Bossert, said that it was never ever a possibility while some members left in the interim.

“I knew that whatever happened God would take care of it on his timetable and not ours,” Bossert said.

Pastor Harold said that significant improvements were made inside in addition to the outside repairs.

Bossert claimed he never had any doubts that they would survive this disaster.

“I knew who was in control I knew that God would see us through it but I knew it took a long time but we have to be patient and wait on him,” Bossert said.


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