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After spending years in foster care, an 11-year-old Arkansas child finds a forever home



North Little Rock, Arkansas – Luke Kissinger is no longer among the 4000 youngsters in Arkansas’ foster care system.

“Just to have a forever family is just unbelievable,” Luke Kissinger said.

At the age of six, Luke was placed in foster care. He moved into and out of 24 houses throughout this time before settling into number 25, which became his forever home.

“We opened in 2022, and we spent about a year just waiting to be matched without truly looking into trying to find a kid, and then when we saw his video in March 2023, we just kind of instantly fell in love,” Cassie Kissinger said.

Luke traveled for four years in search of a family that would genuinely accept and adore him.

“He’s been passed on so many times, and if you meet him, you would never think anything like that ever happened to him; I mean, he doesn’t have an angry bone in his body,” Bradley Kissinger said.

Luke’s attitude stayed intact and radiated happiness everywhere he went, even though each foster family experienced the agony of being unable to provide him a permanent home.

Then came Luke’s adoption day, May 14, 2024.

“I think the best part of the whole thing was the judge said, do you have anything else you want to say? and he was just, ‘I love you, Mom and Dad’,” Bradley Kissinger said.

But Luke also determined that day that it was time to return the favor. Luke helps his mother find homes for children similar to him and gives back.

“My mom is working at The Call and when she doesn’t work there anymore, I’m going to take her spot,” Luke Kissinger said.

Luke is looking forward to starting school and being able to remain long enough to participate in sports until that day.

“It will have to be his jersey number from now on, a lucky number 25,” Cassie Kissinger said.


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