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After Wednesday’s storm, West Little Rock residents are still working to clean up



Little Rock, Arkansas – A microburst that hit West Little Rock Wednesday caused major damage in some places and widespread power disruptions in nearby neighborhoods. Three days later, the cleanup work is still being done.

Today, David Greaves was collecting storm-related debris.

“We are extremely lucky,” Greaves said.

Greaves entered his home in the Treasure Hill neighborhood to find a yard full with limbs after the storm, but none had damaged it. However, his rental home across the street had an oak tree fall only feet from the back porch.

“The guy that lives back there, we were talking like gosh I guess we have to clean this all back up,” Greaves said.

Greaves claims that his neighbors have it far worse than he does, therefore he and his wife have spent the previous few days helping them with home damage. After utility providers removed trees to restore electricity, workers are already clearing away debris.

“I’m really thankful they came back and got the power back on,” Greaves said.

Greaves thinks it’s reassuring to see the neighborhood come together in such circumstances.

“Tragedies seem to bring out the best in people, it’s a shame that sometimes that’s what it takes to see the best in us and step forward, but that’s probably when it’s needed the most I suppose,” Greaves said.

Greaves and his wife claim that they are simply pleased to assist a neighbor when they can.




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