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AGFC holds Chronic Wasting Disease roundtable discussion



Arkansas – The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission held a roundtable meeting to discuss chronic wasting disease on Thursday.

In the meeting, officials discussed the science and what experts have learned about the disease in other states.

Keith Stephens, chief of communications for the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission, says “Deer hunting and being in the outdoors in general is in our DNA as Arkansans. It’s a right of passage for a lot of young people. We want to make sure their deer out there for future generations.”

Chronic wasting disease first showed up in Arkansas in 2016 and has spread to 13 counties.

With current regulations, Arkansas Game and Fish hope to contain the spread.

If you come across a deer you suspect is sick, Arkansas Game and Fish says never to try to put the animal down, but call a wildlife official.

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