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Amir Ellis’s mother fights for justice in her son’s death



Little Rock, Arkansas – Jessica Ellis had been hoping and searching for her kidnapped son, Amir Ellis, for the previous eight months, fearing the inevitable result.

Then, in the vicinity of Jessieville, remains were found last month.

The mother from Hot Springs has had a terrible past two weeks, going from prayer to mourning.

For the past two weeks, Jessica Ellis has been awaiting the results of her DNA test to see if her son’s hunt was finally coming to an end.

She claimed last Thursday that she received confirmation from the state crime lab that the body remains discovered in Garland County near Highway 7 belonged to Amir.

“It was like this immediate pain. Like, the pain was so great. It was like the love that I felt when I first had him. But the opposite of that. It was that great,” Ellis said.

Jessica expressed her gratitude for the closure that discovering Amir had brought her, despite the agony.

“I can breathe. I didn’t even realize I wasn’t breathing.” Ellis said, “Because not knowing where he was, was a pain worse than his death.”

Since Amir vanished in May, thousands of people have participated in the online and offline hunt for him over the past three months.

“Any parent that has lost a child should never have to go through that but they definitely should never have to go through it without Amir’s army,” Ellis said.

Three persons were detained for their roles shortly after Amir vanished, and two of them were accused of kidnapping.

Jessica clarified that she intends to keep showing up to all court dates.

“We found him and we’re bringing him home. Now, I gotta make sure that he gets the justice that he deserves,” Ellis described.

As she looks at Amir’s son, whom Amir was never able to meet, she thinks back to her son.

“He looks just like him, especially when he smiles. He has his smile, and he has his eyes.” Ellis said, “So I do get to see I have a piece of my baby here. And so I’m thankful for that.”

Jessica Ellis revealed that in addition to pursuing justice, she is working on a new passion project. She hopes to transform Amir’s army into a community that aids others in the future.



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