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Animal cruelty and narcotics charges are brought after a call about a guy hitting a dog



Little Rock, Arkansas – The Dardnelle Police Department arrested a man on Friday for animal cruelty and narcotics offenses after receiving a report of a man assaulting a dog.

The man was accused of having both drugs and a gun in his possession at the same time, having a gun in the possession of a specific person, possessing meth, trafficking fentanyl, possessing a controlled substance with the intent to deliver, possessing a meth pipe, and abusing animals, according to the police department’s Facebook post.

The culprit was not identified in the post by the Dardnelle police.

Officers were dispatched to the junction of Union Street and N. 6th Street after receiving information about a man allegedly hitting his dog, according to the authorities.

Police claimed they met the man and his dog when they got there and did an investigation. The man was taken into custody by police after the investigation, and a bag was taken from his shoulders, according to the post. It also had a loaded Smith & Wesson handgun, a baggie with 30 fentanyl pills, two separate baggies of meth, one with 1.85 grams and the other with.55 grams, a bag with 96 grams or 3.38 oz of marijuana, a bag with five grams of marijuana, a glass pipe with burnt residue on it, and a scale with marijuana residue on it, according to the police.

According to the agency, the dog was given back to the initial caller at the arrestee’s request.

He was detained, according to the police, and taken to the Dardanelle Police Department for a bond hearing.

The arrestee’s name won’t be disclosed in this post until formal charges are filed, according to the police.

The dog was fine, according to the authorities as well.


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