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Arkansan describes terrifying storm weather during Hurricane Ian



Little Rock, Arkansas – For one Arkansan this week in Florida, Hurricane Ian is hitting close to home.

This week, Shaneika Chambers, a resident of central Arkansas, is visiting Sarasota for a friend’s wedding and has firsthand knowledge of the catastrophic weather.

She claimed that the weather she experienced on Wednesday in Florida was worse than any she had ever experienced in Arkansas.

“Terrified. Absolutely terrified,” Chambers said. “I think the scariest part about it was just not knowing what was going to happen until it actually happened.”

According to Chambers, downed powerlines and fallen trees caused the majority of the damage she observed in Sarasota.

She claimed that on Wednesday afternoon the elevator in her hotel lost electricity and immediately started to descend as they ascended to her room.

The last-minute cancellation of the wedding Chambers traveled to Florida for was caused by the weather. She claimed that the bride had not changed the date.

Chambers doesn’t want to go back to Florida at this time of year or at any point in the future during hurricane season, so he plans to leave for Arkansas on Saturday.

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