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Arkansas boy, 10, says he isn’t worried despite battling cancer and COVID-19



SPRINGDALE, Ark.  – An Arkansas boy is in great spirits despite battling two diseases and having to delay life-saving treatments.

Riley Duckworth’s recent diagnosis of the new coronavirus is the latest setback in what has been a tumultuous year. A few months ago, doctors told the 10-year-old he had leukemia.

“We just take the news and do the best we can. We will be all right, but it doesn’t make things easy,” Riley’s dad Jeremy Duckworth said.

Riley said he knew something was wrong before his cancer diagnosis because of the difficulties he had while playing with friends.

“People at the playground were making fun of me because I was super slow, and I was just getting tired so quickly,” he explained.

With the COVID-19 diagnosis, Riley now has to delay his chemotherapy treatments, but he said he isn’t worried about his medical setbacks.

The father and son are now quarantined together in a Springdale hospital room, and they are unable to leave even to get food. They pass the time watching TV and playing games, but Riley hopes he can return to a normal life doing activities his peers are able to do with their dads.

For now, Riley continues his battles with the hope that he will soon get to experience life outside of a hospital room.

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