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Arkansas boy’s mother issues a warning after he was hospitalized for a tick bite



Little Rock, Arkansas – After a bite sent her son to the intensive care unit, a mother from Arkansas appealed with parents to check their kids for ticks.

Aiden Debusk, age 6, is raised by Laiken Debusk.

She assumed he had a usual sinus infection when he started complaining of a headache and a mild fever. She soon knew it was something much worse, though.

Aiden is a sweet young man who enjoys climbing trees, according to Debusk.

Aiden and his family went on a short trip through some woods towards the end of June.

Debusk examined the children for ticks when they came home and removed them. Aiden began to feel ill in a short period of time.

“After two days of treating it with Benadryl, ibuprofen, and Tylenol,” Debusk said. “That turned into complete delusion, loss of all motor skill. He was going to the bathroom on himself.”

They hurried Aiden to the hospital, where the staff discovered that he had a disease spread by ticks.

His body experienced a reaction after being bitten by the tick, which caused him to experience convulsions. To cure his symptoms, doctors placed him in a medically induced coma.

“If he comes out of everything, and we are praying, and we are hopeful that does,” Debusk said. “He will have to learn how to do basic things again [like] walking and talking.”

Before Aiden is back to himself after his recovery, months may pass.

Debusk advised parents to exercise additional vigilance when outdoors since she doesn’t want other families to experience the same thing.

“I just want people to make sure that they treat the yard, spray the babies, and keep an extra eye out,” Debusk said.

To avoid ticks, experts advise avoiding grassy, bushy, and wooded regions. DEET-containing insect repellant is also beneficial.

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