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Arkansas farmers face difficulties due to the Mississippi River’s low levels



Newport, Arkansas – Due to the extreme drought and lack of rainfall, the Mississippi River is at very low levels. It is becoming a significant issue for farmers in Arkansas.

Farm owner Hallie Soffner described it as “the worst in many decades.”

Arkansas farmers are impacted as the Mississippi River level keeps dropping.

The Mississippi River is crucial to their operations and to the distribution of their goods to customers. “Barges cannot get up and down the river, despite its been drenched, and even when a barge can get down the river – it can’t carry more than about thirty-three percent of its normal weight” Soffner said.

Since their goods flood our grocery shops, leaving their things stacked up rather than having them delivered to customers is a major issue.

According to Soffner, the key to her farm’s survival is “planning and encouraging consumers.”


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