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Arkansas Food Bank collaborates with letter carriers to fight hunger



Little Rock, Arkansas – One of the biggest food drives of the year took place thanks to the collaboration of residents and organizations from all across Pulaski County with the Arkansas Food Bank.

Despite the fact that the Arkansas Food Bank fights hunger all year long, they collaborate with the National Association of Letter Carriers once a year for the Stamp Out Hunger program.

With the assistance of food banks, the United States Postal Service, and other organizations, the NALC’s Stamp Out Hunger event has donated about 2 billion pounds of food to those in need since it began 31 years ago.

“As Mother Theresa said we can’t all do great things but we can all do small things with great love. And this is a sign of our love for the community,” Arkansas Food Bank, Volunteer Supervisor, Pete Roth said.

Residents of Pulaski County in Arkansas are urged to place non-perishable food items by their mailboxes every year. Mail carriers pick them up and send them to the Arkansas Food Bank, where volunteers eagerly await to sort them.

“Volunteering really helps make you feel good about yourself and be apart of the community you live in. We have all taken from the community…. It is time to give back to that community,” Roth said.

More than 17% of Arkansans, according to the Arkansas Food Bank, are food insecure. Food drives like this one help to keep that number down.

“To be without… That is something that everybody may not understand so…To me it’s just a way of giving back to the community. It’s a way of helping others in need when they can’t help themselves,” Volunteer Denelia Graham said.

If you didn’t get a chance to volunteer or donate, there’s good news! All throughout the year, the Arkansas Food Bank is welcome to offer assistance.

Additional volunteers will assist this week in packing the sorted food donated by Stamp Out Hunger for distribution to neighborhood food pantries.

As the event expands, the organizers say they anticipate seeing even more volunteers and donations.

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