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Arkansas Game and Fish Commission announces Lake Conway’s renovation



Little Rock, Arkansas – The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission announced on Thursday that Lake Conway would be renovated.

The AGFC states that repairing the spillway is part of the Craig D. Campbell Lake Conway Reservoir restoration.

The lake renovation project being undertaken by AGFC will be the biggest ever.

“It was the effort that the Commission undertook in the 1940s to begin the construction of Lake Conway that led to the creation of Amendment 35 and created the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission in its modern form,” director Austin Booth said. “The AGFC is not just doubling down on outdoor recreation on Lake Conway and Faulkner County, but also on the conservation ethos that existed here in the 1940s, that we know is alive and well in 2023, and so that future Arkansans can enjoy Lake Conway at its full potential.”

It is anticipated that the lake would remain dry once the water is sucked out for five years so that all components of the renovation can be finished.

According to Booth, different areas of the lake have up to three feet of depth eaten up by the silt and sediment that have accumulated on its bottom.

According to engineers and biologists, sediment has replaced 40% of the lake’s initial 40,000 acre-foot volume, according to Booth.

“We will greatly increase the volume available for fish and fishermen through this compaction,” Booth said.

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