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Arkansas gas prices are stable, and AAA offers fuel-saving advice



Little Rock, Arkansas – The American Automobile Association reports that gas prices in Arkansas have not changed.

According to the AAA Arkansas Weekend Gas Watch, the average gas price in the state is $3.49 per gallon of normal unleaded fuel.

According to AAA, the cost is unchanged from this day last week and is six cents less than it was on the same day last year.

With an average price of $3.60 per gallon, drivers in Fayetteville, Springdale, and Rogers spend the most for gas.

“Some Arkansas drivers are seeing minimal relief when they fill up this week,” said AAA Spokesperson Nick Chabarria. “The best way to conserve fuel is to drive the speed limit, avoid hard accelerations and maintain healthy tires.”

The AAA has some other gas-saving tips for Arkansans:
• If you use premium unleaded fuel, make sure it is required for your vehicle, not just recommended. AAA’s Automotive Research Center found that vehicles with recommended premium fuel performed safely with regular unleaded gasoline.
• Make sure your tires are properly maintained and inflated to the correct level.
• Maintain your car according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Regular service will ensure optimum fuel economy.
• Avoid “jackrabbit” starts and hard accelerations. These actions greatly increase fuel consumption.
• Slow down and drive the speed limit. Fuel economy peaks around 50 mph on most cars, then drops off as speed increases. Reducing highway speeds by 5 to 10 mph can increase fuel economy by as much as 14%.
• Use cruise control on the highway to help maintain a constant speed and save fuel. However, never use cruise control on slippery roads because you could lose control of the vehicle.
• Remove unnecessary and heavy items from your car.
• Minimize your use of roof racks and remove special carriers when not in use.
• Download the AAA App to find the cheapest gas prices near you.

According to AAA, gas prices in Arkansas are the sixth lowest in the nation for drivers.

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