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Arkansas high school uses text-alert, silent vape detectors to combat vaping



Little Rock, Arkansas – Vape detectors have been put on the campus of an Arkansas high school to keep the gadgets off the property.

Jacob Kersey, the principal of Walnut Ridge High School, said that he has already used five vapes this year and that vaping is a major problem in the school.

The detectors, which were put in place in the school to catch kids who choose to bring a vape to class, are silent.

The crew received an automatic SMS notification from the detectors.

“I get a text message, our SRO gets a text message, and we also have certain faculty around the building depending on what restroom it is like for instance, if the restroom down by our field house, the coaches get the alarm,” said Principal Kersey “They can maybe get to that restroom before I can.”

Students who are discovered vaping in class risk expulsion, suspension, or even detention.

The use of e-cigarettes by “young people” is epidemic, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

According to Kersey, the issue will only worsen.

“We started out with just the restrooms themselves in the main building, but we have since added vape detectors in the gyms and ag building,” said Kersey.

Vaping on school property is prohibited by school policy, and ultimately, keeping students safe is the main concern, according to Kersey.




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