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Arkansas kid born prematurely predicted by doctors to have developmental problems, now he is in Mensa



Little Rock, Arkansas – A 6-year-old was admitted to the elite Mensa high IQ group.

Joe White was born 28 weeks before his due date. His mother was informed by doctors and experts that he would likely experience difficulties.

When Joe White was just 2 years old, he startled his mother by reciting the alphabet backward and spelling words with several syllables like “xylophone” on his own without being taught.

Joe has self-taught himself piano and sign language. Mensa requires test results in order to be admitted.

“You either have to take an exam offered by Mensa, or you can opt to be tested by a private psychologist and submit the scores.” Janay White, Joe’s mother, said.

Joe will participate nationwide in Mensa’s component for gifted youth and attend monthly meetings with a local Mensa club.

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