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Arkansas man saves home from floods after building levee with heavy machinery



Little Rock, Arkansas – Arkansas man saved his home from the floods after building levee using heavy machinery.

James Hill saved his property from the heavy rains and floods in Dumas, area which is the most hit by the recent floods. Hill successfully saved his home, while all other houses in his neighborhood are completely damaged.

According to him, without the levee there would be about 10 inches of water inside his home. Hill and his two children have been working on the levee since Tuesday and they won’t stop until they are sure the property is fully protected. Hill was using an excavator to claw soil from the ground and add to the earthen perimeter around his property.

Their house was completely flooded in 2016 so they knew they have to make something now to protect their home. The house was saved but they lost 10,000 acres of crops that were underwater Thursday.

More rainfall is expected in the region. Desha, Drew, Jefferson, Lincoln, and other counties were under a flash flood warning Thursday.

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