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Arkansas politicians call out DOJ after search warrant executed at Trump’s home



Little Rock, Arkansas – After former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home was searched by the FBI on Aug. 8., Arkansas politicians made their opinions known.

The former president announced the raid was underway that evening, complaining that his safe had been broken into by agents.

When the search took place, he was not in Florida.

Arkansas politicians were among those lending their voices to the opinions. The Department of Justice was a popular target.

• Sen. Tom Cotton
“[Attorney General] Garland allows Hunter to break the law, he harasses parents for speaking at school board meetings, and he refuses to protect Justices from harassment.”
“He’s weaponized the Department against his political opponents.”
“There will be consequences for this.”

• Sen. John Boozman
“The Biden DOJ’s unprecedented raid on Mar-a-Lago undoubtedly has the appearance of political targeting. There needs to be swift transparency and accountability from Merrick Garland and the FBI to ensure the public trust is not further damaged.”

• Rep. French Hill
“The Department of Justice owes the American people an explanation for their unprecedented raid at Mar-a-Lago. They should have held a press conference and answered questions in real-time.”

• Rep. Steve Womack
“This unprecedented action by the DOJ requires a full explanation of the circumstances that necessitated executing a search warrant at a former President’s private residence. Under no circumstance should political motives be involved. We need answers and strong oversight.”

• Rep. Rick Crawford issued a statement Tuesday, Aug. 9, quoted in part:
“The Biden White House, Attorney General Merrick Garland, and FBI leadership have a lot of questions to answer for what looks like an egregious and dangerous politicization of our nation’s law enforcement apparatus. The new Congress will begin seeking answers to those questions in January.”

• Gov. Asa Hutchinson
“The search at Mar-a Lago of a former President is unprecedented & alarming. We must see the probable cause affidavit before making a judgment. Normally that would be under seal but since Trump announced the raid then the probable cause should be made public.”


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