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Arkansas ranked 7th for worst roads in the country



Little Rock, Arkansas – According to data gathered by, Arkansas has the seventh-worst roads in the country.

Consumer Affairs examined information from the Federal Highway Administration, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, the United States Department of Transportation, and their own internal databases.

According to the Federal Highway Administration, the top 10 states are those with the best roads, the fewest fatal car accidents, the most spending per mile of road, and the highest vehicle mileage.

The states include:

1. Hawaii
2. Rhode Island
3. Louisiana
4. California
5. Wisconsin
6. Mississippi
7. Arkansas
8. Colorado
9. South Carolina
10. Iowa

Arkansas has the largest proportion of rural roads that are in bad condition, according to a TRIP survey.

The vast majority of roads aren’t even paved, according to an Oxford driver.

One driver in Lonoke had a broken axle as a result of potholes on the paved roads. The $1,300 repair, according to the driver.

Compared to the 12 percent national average, Arkansas’ proportion is 33 percent.

According on pavement roughness, 15% of Arkansas’ urban roadways are considered to be subpar.

Each year, the average driver incurs an additional expense of $733 in maintenance and repairs as a result of using deteriorating roadways.

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