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Arkansas ranks in second for last-minute Christmas shopping



Little Rock, Arkansas – According to a recent survey, Arkansas is the second-highest state in the US for consumers who shop after December 19–24.

Even if it meant rushing to the stores, these holiday shoppers were determined to get everything off their list before Christmas Day, rain or shine.

Over 100 million consumers were expected to pick up last-minute products this holiday weekend leading up to Christmas, according to the National Retail Federation.

Thousands traveled to supermarkets, retail centers, and other locations right here in Arkansas.

“Pretty much a cold, wet, dreary day. A little chaotic but outside of that… It’s to be expected,” Holiday Shopper, Kenneth said.

The weather, long lines, and crowds were insufficient to deter these consumers.

“Everyone’s been saying… Merry Christmas… Happy New Year… It’s been cordial… So, I thank God for that,” Holiday Shopper, Merredith Young said.

Even James Bryant, the meteorologist, was spotted out and about buying up last-minute Christmas decorations.

“I know the hour is getting late but you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do to make Christmas happen,” Bryant said.

Every shopper agreed that last-minute buying couldn’t keep them from enjoying a Merry Christmas Eve and was excited to get home to enjoy everything that the season had to offer.


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