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Arkansas Secretary of State announces intention to seek re-election for 2nd term



Arkansas Secretary of State John Thurston announced his intention to seek re-election for a second term on Thursday.

Thurston was first elected as Secretary in November of 2018 after serving eight years as Arkansas Commissioner of State Lands.

He also served as chairman of the Arkansas Natural and Cultural Resources Council and president of the Western States Land Commissioners Association.

By law, the Secretary of State serves as Chair of the Capitol Arts and Grounds Commission and the State Board of Election Commissioners, as well as a member of the Capitol Zoning District Commission, the Capitol Parking Control Committee, and the Information Network of Arkansas Board. He is also a member of the Board of Apportionment, which oversees the redistricting of legislative districts.

Thurston is an Arkansas native and currently lives in East End with his wife and five children.

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