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Arkansas sixth among states with the worst rates of millennial drivers



Jonesboro, Arkansas – Arkansas is sixth in the nation for having the worst millennial drivers, according to recent research.

With an average of 161.04 fatalities for every 100,000 millennial drivers, Mississippi was found to be the worst state in the nation for millennial drivers, according to a Tribeca Lawsuit Loans analysis.

In the survey, Arkansas came in sixth place with 129.63 deaths per 100,000 millennials.

“Many studies conducted all paint a picture that millennial drivers are involved in the most accidents on the roads. The intersection of technology, distractions, and a fast-paced lifestyle creates a complex driving landscape and one that leads to many preventable deaths every year,” said a spokesperson for Tribeca Lawsuit Loans. “With the privilege of driving comes the responsibility of safety, not just your own but other road users. The nature of society revolves around cars and the accessibility they provide to millions of Americans. However, it must be stated that the data shows the sobering reality of a modern problem that could be avoided if as a nation there was a greater focus on cultivating a safer road culture.”


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