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Arkansas teacher helping students adjust to COVID-19 impacts



CONWAY, Ark. — The coronavirus is impacting millions of students across the state.

Schools are closing and universities are shifting to online classes. We show you how one community in central Arkansas is using technology to stay ahead during the outbreak.

Home schooled students at Harlan Park Baptist Church in Conway is learning through it’s co-op classical conversations.

They’re using apps like Zoom to communicate instead of being in the classroom.

“So guys we will walk through what we normally do. I will read some of the state statues,” said Jenny Wallace the teacher.

The coronavirus is not stopping Wallace from teaching her students.

“Would it be the prosecution if so what would they be using it for,” said Wallace.

She’s using an app called ‘Zoom’ to communicate with the classroom.

“I kind of like being online it’s easier and quicker and it seems to work better for me,” said Seth Casey a student.

With schools shutting down across the nation students are learning to adjust.

“I don’t know, but I kind of prefer being at the church learning there,” said Spencer Kravits a student.

Wallace taught in public schools for 12 years and she’s been a home school teacher for 9 years. She said she never thought she’d be teaching through technology.

“I didn’t, but I did teach online classes to kids in china and so teaching online is easy for me and then watching what China has been through for the past two to three months gives me a better understanding about how serious this actually is,” said Wallace.

Aside from lessons students say they’ve learned a lot about COVID-19.

“People need a lot of toilet paper,” said Wallace.

And they’re ready for the outbreak to be over.

“We’re ready, time to buckle down for it, we are home,” said Wallace.

Next week is Spring Break and Miss Wallace is hoping to finish the school year at the church, but they’re going to continue learning no matter what.

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