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Arkansas teachers and staff would not be required to use the preferred pronoun under the proposed law



Little Rock, Arkansas – A bill that was submitted on Monday, February 20, would forbid public school staff from being required to use a person’s preferred pronoun.

HB 1468, filed by Rep. Wayne Long, District-39, states faculty members, teachers, and employees of Arkansas public schools, open-enrollment public charter schools or state-supported colleges or universities would not be “required to use a student’s or coworker’s preferred pronoun when referring to the student or coworker if the preferred pronoun is not consistent with the student’s or coworker’s biological sex.”

Even if the pronoun is not the person’s preferred pronoun, the bill would prohibit “adverse employment action” for using one that is consistent with the biological sex or a person.

There is no indication yet on the day Rep. Long intends to introduce his measure in committee.

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