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Asa Hutchinson, governor of Arkansas, is “seriously” considering a 2024 presidential run



Arkansas – Asa Hutchinson, the Republican governor of Arkansas, said he’s thinking about running for president in 2024 and urged the Republican Party to get past the late President Trump.

“I’m looking at it, I’m looking at it very seriously,” Hutchinson told “CNN This Morning” host Kaitlan Collins. “I’m encouraged that a governor who’s actually solved problems, who has a conservative, commonsense approach, can draw support and can be a good alternative.”

Hutchinson stated that he planned to decide in January.

The governor of Arkansas asserted that Trump, who declared his bid for the presidency in 2024 on Tuesday, should no longer serve as the party’s spokesperson in light of the party’s disappointing showing in last week’s midterm elections.

Unlike in 2016, Hutchinson expressed skepticism that Trump would triumph in a Republican primary.

“People understand who Donald Trump is today and his style, and I don’t think there’s going to be anything new in his approach,” Hutchinson told CNN. “I don’t believe it will be the same as 2016. He’s a known quantity now, we know the chaos that comes with him. That’s really not the kind of leadership that’s good for America.”

Following their party’s defeats in the midterm elections, a number of Republican officials have spoken out against Trump, claiming that he supported unqualified candidates.

Republicans won the House, albeit with a razor-thin majority, and Democrats kept their majority in the Senate.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, a rising star in the GOP who has toyed with a 2024 run, and former Vice President Mike Pence are more prospective GOP presidential prospects.

On Wednesday, Pence claimed that Americans desire a “new style of leadership” that will restore “civility and respect” to the political process.

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