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Ballot effort launched to allow Sunday alcohol sales in Bentonville, Rogers



Little Rock, Arkansas — In order to allow stores in Rogers and Bentonville to sell alcohol on Sundays, a campaign committee has formed in Benton County.

A newly formed ballot question committee, Keep Our Dollars Local, said other communities in Benton County and throughout the state allow Sunday sales, and the time is right for the two largest cities in the county to follow.

“Every week, we’re sending thousands and thousands of dollars in tax revenue to other communities when shoppers have to drive out-of-town to buy their beer or wine on Sundays,” said Clay Kendall, chairman of the Keep Our Dollars Local ballot question committee.

“While they’re there, they are also spending money on things like gas and groceries, and that’s money that could be coming back to our town to pay for things like road improvements, or public safety,” Kendall added.

The committee will be gathering signatures to put the measure on the general election ballot in November 2022.

For the measure to be placed on the ballot in Rogers, supporters must turn in approximately 2,500 signatures, and around 2,000 signatures for the measure to be placed on the ballot in Bentonville.

“In addition to keeping revenue here, we also want consumers to have the choice of when and where to make their purchases,” said Kendall. “Taking this antiquated ban off the books will bring us in line with many other communities in our county, give our residents more options, and keep more of our dollars local.”


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