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Beloved kindergarten teacher honored for dedication



Paragould, Arkansas – As we begin a new academic year, we salute Mrs. Mackenzie Fisher, our first teacher of the month.

“Just for our school, it’s such an honor to know that our community recognizes our teachers and the hard work and dedication that they put in every day for their students,” said Paragould Primary Principal Andrea Moore. ‘Really, as a district as a whole, to know that you guys have come back to visit us several times to acknowledge all of our staff members, that’s just an honor to be a part of.”

At the school, Fisher teaches kindergarten. She has spent 16 years working for the district. Known for her infectious smile, one viewer wrote in saying, “Not one student is ever without, because she always sees the need, and fulfills.”

It’s a privilege to be in the classroom, Fisher said. “I love my kids, and I’ve always enjoyed my kids,” Fisher said. “I love my job.”

Her students expressed their admiration for her clothes, accessories for the classroom, and the fact that she washes her teeth. “She mentioned in her piece the love she feels from her students, but I don’t think she really truly recognizes the role she plays in that. She’s a very humble person with a very precious heart. She loves her students unconditionally,” Moore said. “She works with her students, and her families and they enjoy coming to school every day, because they know she’s going to be standing at the door to greet them.”

Fisher treasures her time at kindergarten since it is obviously a happy and carefree environment. “If we could all love each other like they love each other, it would be a lot better place,” Fisher said.


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