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Benton teen speaks at White House conference



Benton, Arkansas – The White House hosted a symposium on hunger, nutrition, and health on September 28. Bella Crowe, a teenager from Central Arkansas, was invited to the conference to provide a youth viewpoint.

Bella Crowe, a student at Benton High School, is 15 years old.

In addition to her advanced placement classes, Crowe devotes a lot of time to promoting “Voices for Choices – Advocating for Teen Health,” her social impact effort.

She grew to support the American Heart Association as a result of this. It was this organization that suggested Crowe for the summit. As an advocate and a spokesperson for the state of Arkansas, Crowe attended the meeting.

Crowe had the opportunity to hear President Biden discuss the steps the US Government intends to take to combat poverty and poor nutrition in the country.

In the hope that they might apply it to their own state, she then got the chance to talk with various government representatives about the things she encounters every day at school, in the neighborhood while volunteering, and in Arkansas.

Crowe became involved with the urgent concerns as her social impact project through the Miss America Organization.

When she entered the Miss Arkansas Outstanding Teen Pageant in June, she brought this impact statement with her and finished in the top fifteen.

On September 17, Crowe relinquished the title of Miss Metro’s Outstanding Teen, but that same evening she was crowned Miss Greater Little Rock’s Outstanding Teen. In order to compete for the title of Miss Arkansas Outstanding Teen, she is bringing this topic up again.

She tells us she will learn a lot from her journey to Washington, D.C., and requests that everyone get engaged and support her in lobbying Congress to enact the Child Nutrition Reauthorization Bill, which has not been renewed since 2010.

“Go out there, be confident in what you believe in, if you believe your moral compass is taking you in the right direction, it is,” said Crowe. “So, have confidence in yourself, young people are powerful, were the leaders of today, leaders of yesterday, and the leaders of tomorrow.”


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