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Bentonville and Rogers are preparing to start selling alcohol on Sundays



Little Rock, Arkansas – Two Arkansas cities are getting ready to start selling alcoholic beverages on Sundays.

Voters in Bentonville and Rogers approved the selling of spirits on Sundays back in November.

According to Scott Hardin from the Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration, Bentonville and Rogers are the 20th and 21st cities in the state to have approved Sunday sales.

According to many liquor establishments the station spoke with, Sunday sales won’t start until January 8.

Ten years later, prominent Arkansas cities Bentonville and Rogers will join Springdale in allowing Sunday alcohol sales.

Hardin said: “I’d be astonished if we didn’t see a couple cities say, Hey, they’ve done it, why can’t we?” referring to Bentonville, Rogers, and Springdale.

Supporters of the Northwest Arkansas region said that Sunday alcohol sales would increase local tax revenue.

Within its borders, Arkansas currently features a mixture of wet and dry counties, with 34 of them being entirely dry.

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