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Black bear seen near Jonesboro, still on the loose



Little Rock, Arkansas – On Monday, a rather sizable four-legged wild animal made the decision to meander across the yard of a Jonesboro resident.

It is unusual to see a black bear in this area.

The black bear was captured on camera by Renee Rice as it passed through her yard.

Rice said “I have several feeding stations and every morning and when I get up every morning I check my camera.”

The bear was noticed by Jared Jacks, a worker at the Jonesboro Home Depot, who was standing outside the building.

“It was pretty wild; you don’t expect to see nothing like that, especially in town. I didn’t even know Arkansas had black bears, much less in town,” said Jacks.

“My first thought was to try and get out and get a closer video and I was like, ‘that might be a little foolish’ so I kinda just stayed in my place and zoomed in on it a little bit,” said Jacks.

The bear at Home Depot was sought after for hours by Arkansas Game and Fish, but they were unsuccessful.

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