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Blytheville mayoral race: John Mayberry filing injunction



Little Rock, Arkansas – John Mayberry, a candidate for mayor of Blytheville, plans to seek an injunction in connection with the election.

A runoff between Melisa Logan and John Mayberry was announced for November 14.

Melisa Logan was proclaimed the winner by the County Election Commission on November 16 following a recount in Mississippi County.

Initially accepting the outcome, Mayberry later changed his mind after talking to voters.

“I was just gonna let it go, but the people said ‘no, we wanna fight,” he said.

Voters, he claimed, wanted to convey their opinions regarding the certification procedure. Two ballots are the focus of their worries.

Thomas Wiktorek, the chairman of the Mississippi County Election Commission, described what transpired with the aforementioned ballots in an interview on Thursday.

“We included them and then there was an objection made that we were using them. So, we went ahead and pulled the two ballots out. Then we were instructed by the Secretary of State to put the ballots back in,” he said.

The two ballots, according to voters, may have determined whether a runoff was necessary or not. It has caused some people to feel unsure and to ask questions.

“It’s about the electoral process. Was it fair? The two votes that are in question, I mean, were those legal votes?” Tony Hollis, a voter, said.

“We’re dissatisfied with the two dirty votes that were allowed to be placed and to make a difference,” said Ronnie Hayse, a Blytheville pastor, and mayoral candidate.

Mayberry expressed his hope that the injunction would prompt a further runoff.

“The injunction stops the process of declaring or certifying the election until everything is heard and brought out,” he said.


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