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Camp Bow Wow announces the top five large and small dog breeds



Little Rock, Arkansas – Camp Bow Wow has compiled a list of the top five large and small dog breeds for 2023 in honor of National Dog Day on Saturday.

The figure, according to Camp Bow Wow, is based on its 400,000 campers throughout the country.

The top five large dog breeds are as follows:

Labrador Retriever (including Lab mixes).

1. The Goldendoodle.
2. Mixed and purebred Golden Retrievers.
3. German Shepherds.
4. Australian Shepherds.

The list of the top five small dog breeds:

1. Miniature Poodle.
2. Chihuahua.
3. Shih Tzu.
4. Beagle.
5. Yorkshire Terrier.

“Some small breeds are big dogs at heart — for example, even the smallest terriers tend to be high-energy and need lots of attention and exercise, while a large dog breed like a Great Dane is known to be fairly calm and lower-energy,” Camp Bow Wow’s Animal Health and Behavioral Expert, Erin Askeland, MSc, CPDT-KA, CBCC-KA said. “Even though a dog’s breed may influence certain tendencies and behaviors, the breed alone should not determine whether to bring a specific dog into your home. At Camp Bow Wow, we love all breeds and believe every dog deserves a loving home.”

Camp Bow Wow also said that smaller dogs usually have a longer lifespan than big dogs.

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