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Carjacking attempt in Little Rock



Little Rock, Arkansas – After being held at gunpoint and on the verge of being strangled during an attempted carjacking in Little Rock on Wednesday morning, the victim expressed her gratitude for her life.

Around three in the morning, Ashley Pierce, who works for a food delivery service, was in the McDonald’s parking lot on Broadway when two males approached her car and ordered her to exit.

According to the Little Rock Police report, Pierce claimed that one man wearing a mask and gloves reached inside the car and pushed down her window further.

“He put an arm around my neck, and that’s when I realized the arm around my neck was holding a gun to my chest,” Pierce said.

Pierce claimed that if she did not get out of the car, she would be shot.

“He seemed very adamant that that would happen if I didn’t listen,” she said. “There was no budge in him.”

She allegedly flung the keys into the floorboard of the vehicle rather than getting out, according to Pierce. At that point, the man who was holding her neck in his arm tightened his grip.

Pierce claimed that she had to act quickly because the men demanded that she hand over her phone while she was still in her car. She claimed that she did this by honking the horn and throwing the phone into the trunk of the car.

“The other guy started to lean in, so all I could think was to lean on the horn,” Pierce said. “I just laid down on the horn and next thing I know, they’re gone.”

Pierce was not robbed of anything during the failed carjacking attempt, other than her piece of mind.

“It’s not been easy to fall asleep,” she said. “It’s not at all easy to deal with.”

Pierce stated that she is grateful to be alive even though the events of the day have left her traumatized.

“All it would have taken was the slip of a finger,” Pierce said. That’s it… and this could have had a whole different story.”

Pierce claimed that although she has not yet resigned from her delivery service job because she still wants to generate money before the holidays, she is no longer working late hours where something similar can occur again unnoticed.

The incident is being looked into by detectives, according to Little Rock Police. Call them if you have any information for them.

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