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Christmas celebrations are historical thanks to the Eddie Mae Herron Center



Pocahontas, Arkansas – Annual Christmas celebrations were hosted at the Eddie Mae Herron Center.

The structure, which formerly housed a church and segregated school, is now used as an educational facility. together during Christmas to share cheer and a meaningful message.

The center showcases the history, according to Pat Johnson, the institution’s director, which hasn’t always been pleasant.

“We are preserving our history. And another thing is to be able to come together in one place and laugh and talk and communicate with one another,” Johnson said.

The desegregated Hoxie High School alumna Yvonne Taylor attended this year’s Christmas festivities. She discussed her stay there, saying that today was the ideal time to deliver her message.

“We should have better thoughts, better feelings, put all bad feelings aside and go to God and Christmas is a good time to express that,” Taylor said.

If Eddie Mae Herron could see the events that are being put in the spotlight today, Johnson thinks she would be grinning.

“She would be very proud that we were carrying on her legacy and teaching and helping people to understand… we all live the same,” she said.

For the past ten years, the center has celebrated Christmas, and according to Johnson, it has gotten bigger every year.