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Cinnamon Crème Bakery, family-owned business in West Little Rock known for its huge and delicious homemade cinnamon rolls



Little Rock, Arkansas — The Cooper family has owned and run restaurants and bakeries in Star City, Arkansas for three decades, leaving customers drooling for more.

Their cuisine has made quite an impression and, as a result, has become legendary for many in that southeast corner of Arkansas.

Now that the Cooper family is distributing those delectable sweet delights throughout central Arkansas, we are immediately insatiable!

The Cinnamon Crème Bakery, which is situated off Chenal Parkway in West Little Rock, is their most recent venture.

Everyone who has ever been here will gush about the enormous cinnamon roll! In fact, it’s so large that even one needs a full-size to-go container. Each week, they believe they bake hundreds of loaves.

The frosting on Cooper’s cinnamon rolls may be its most enticing feature. Buttermilk is a not-so-secret ingredient! We’re confident you’ll adore it.

At Cinnamon Crème, you may get a variety of other distinctive baked delicacies, such as the long-loved family bread that southeast Arkansas residents have praised for years.

Freshly baked cookies, brownies, and a variety of pastries are always available, including some gluten-free options.

Truman Cooper, the owner, enjoys having his family assist him in running the bakery. It reminds him of working alongside his parents, brothers, and other family members at the Star City site where he grew up, he claimed.

Truman’s wife Crystal and his kids Olivia and Celeste are frequently spotted at the eatery as well.

The Cooper family has remained firmly rooted in southeast Arkansas. The family still makes the daily drive to Little Rock. Talk about a love project!

In order to receive a complimentary cinnamon roll, be sure to mention that this is your first time visiting Cinnamon Crème.

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