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Coming soon to Sharp County: a program for drug court



Ash Flat, Arkansas – A county in Northeast Arkansas may soon have access to resources that will assist residents who are battling addiction.

In Sharp County, the 3rd Judicial District is planning to introduce a drug court program that will assist individuals struggling with addiction in finding employment and completing their education.

“Other than just remaining drug-free and staying out of the criminal justice system, there are so many things that these folks benefit and their families as a result of completing the program,” said Circuit Judge Michele Huff.

She went on to say that Sharp County had been in desperate need of the drug court program for a number of years.

According to Huff, the training may be beneficial in more ways than one.

“If you complete the program successfully and graduate, then you do not have a felony conviction. There are some target offenses that people can also have removed if they successfully complete the program,” she said.

Huff went on to say that because the county now has a new prosecuting attorney and sheriff, now would be an excellent time to introduce the program there.

It is anticipated that the drug court program would begin somewhere in the middle of April.

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