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Community event helps kids beat the heat



Corning, Arkansas – On Aug. 6, Corning hosted its second Waterslide Community Day.

The first day of school for the Bobcats is Aug. 11, so students in attendance were able to pick up a free backpack while cooling off.

The backpacks are filled with hygiene products that students may use daily.

Opal Lackey is the Treasure of Growing Corning Together and said, “We fill them with hygiene products toothpaste and deodorant.”

Since having to close theirs down Corning is working on a grant for a new public swimming pool. Growing Corning Together thought of the idea to host a waterslide day to give kids a place to cool off and hang out before school starts.

According to Ryan Carter, board member for Growing Corning Together, “It has been a really hot and terrible summer and the city is hard at work to get a grant done to fix our swimming pool, the kids of town have not had anywhere to go to cool off during this hot weather.”

On Monday, Aug. 8 at 6:30 p.m., a meeting discussing the grant for a new pool will be held inside city hall.


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