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Community reacted to the rehiring of the former Marked Tree firefighter



Marked Tree, Arkansas – Residents in Marked Tree were shocked to learn that the same department had rehired a firefighter who had been fired after being accused of stealing from it.

The Marked Tree Fire Department decided to rehire Jackie Ragan on March 7 despite the fact that she is charged with felony larceny.

A resident in Marked Tree named Tonya Carpenter said she was unprepared for the transfer.

“I got word that he was going to get back on the fire department and I just couldn’t believe it,” she said.

Ragan allegedly neglected to return to the department in 2022 firefighter equipment and a radio valued at more than $3,000, according to a court affidavit. In November 2022, Ragan’s misdemeanor charges were dismissed.

Once officers said that Ragan had stolen a camper from River Bend Park, he was also charged with felony theft in Sharp County.

“I personally don’t want a criminal near my house, you know? On fire or not, you know, I don’t want a criminal working for the city,” Carpenter said.

At Marked Tree Fire Department and Mayor Danny Johnson’s office, there was no answer from the fire department and Hernandez was told Johnson was out of the office.

Plunk at Marked Tree asserted that he was unaware of the felony accusations and that he had chosen to rehire Ragan.

It was unclear if Ragan’s future work would be affected by the allegations that were still pending.

Carpenter sought clarification from the mayor as well. “Just the mayor, you know, basically doing what he wants because he’s the mayor and he can, when that’s not how it’s supposed to be,” she said.

Carpenter thinks the town should be concerned about the frustrating situation.

“I don’t know anybody who would want someone like that,” she said.


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