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Conway City Attorney’s office stands up against domestic violence



CONWAY, Ark. — The city attorney’s office in Conway is addressing the issue of domestic  violence.

It’s on a mission to end the cycle and City Attorney Chuck Clawson is in conjunction with Deputy Prosecutor Charles Finkenbinder.

They have created a plan that not only helps the victim but helps rehabilitate the offender as well to reduce re-offending.

A big part of this is making sure to give the victim and each case the attention it deserves.

Finkenbinder said someone from his officer contacts a victim within 48 hours of an arrest or police report filed.

From there they stay in contact with the victim and offer them a DV project advocate.

The advocate serves as a confidant for that victim and can join them at court for support.

Another important part of this new push is education. Finkenbinder has spent the past few weeks speaking at colleges across the city.

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